1. How to Sing Better
  2. Beginner singing for kids
  3. Beginner vocal training for adults
  4. Complete singing techniques for all
  5. Best practice method on vocals
  6. Sing like a pro easily
  7. Pro singer do’s & don’ts
  8. Voice over training
  9. Intermediate singing techniques for kids
  10. Advance vocal training for adults
  11. Singing and accompanying
  12. How to increase vocal range and sing naturally
  13. Voice training to standout at any audition


  1. Guitar techniques for beginners
  2. Ultimate Beginner Guitar
  3. Guitar techniques for intermediate level
  4. Guitar techniques for advance level
  5. Improvising on guitar
  6. Guitar scales, arpeggios, chords and its applications
  7. Play your favorite songs in guitar easily
  8. Learn how to play electric guitar
  9. Know your Electric guitar gears, amps & related accessories


  1. Learn how to play keyboard
  2. Complete keyboard training for beginners
  3. The very basics of piano keyboard
  4. Beginner keyboard methods & techniques
  5. Intermediate keyboard for all
  6. Advance keyboard playing approach
  7. Master your fingers on keys
  8. Keyboard improvisation style for playing in band
  9. Keyboard technology used professionally


  1. Drumming basics for all
  2. Become a great drummer and play like a pro
  3. Easy drumming guide for beginners
  4. Learn to play drums systematically – Beginner’s level
  5. Learn to play drums systematically – Intermediate level
  6. Learn to play drums systematically – Advance level
  7. Advance drumming practices
  8. Ultimate guide to drums for all
  9. How to play drums better in a band
  10. What you need to become an industry level drummer
  11. How to compose a drumline for song


  1. Learn cajon easily
  2. Complete cajon playing – beginners to advance
  3. How to play cajon
  4. The ultimate guide to cajon playing


  1. Theory of music – foundation level
  2. Theory of music – intermediate level
  3. Theory of music – advance level
  4. Ultimate guide to music theory
  5. Music theory and your instrument
  6. Music theory and your voice
  7. The beauty of music theory
  8. Music theory and arranging
  9. Music theory and scoring
  10. Music theory and composing
  11. Music theory for beginners guide
  12. Music theory and its importance
  13. Theory of music and its application
  14. The real use of music theory for all


  1. Basic Composing approach
  2. Advance composing in music
  3. Composing for All
  4. Score writing
  5. How to transcribe music perfectly
  6. Rhythm Mastering
  7. Songwriting like never before
  8. How to improve your music reading ability
  9. Hearing skill development
  10. How to perform better on stage
  11. How to record your music efficiently
  12. Popular Musical Genre Study
  13. Songwriting with guitar
  14. Songwriting with keyboard piano
  15. Songwriting and theory of music
  16. How to write great songs
  17. A complete guide in sound for singers and musicians