I know the basics of singing. Now what’s the next step?

I think now you are ready with a couple of techniques in your voice and also aware of your vocal register. Required hearing skills, identifying notes, reading it, keeping the flow of the rhythm and basics of theories. Don’t be apprehensive if you still feel like going down these and finishing off, because our short courses have everything covered in it and a solution to every stage. If you want to start the next level then opt for – “Intermediate singing techniques for kids”. If you already play an instrument with singing then you can also opt for “Singing and accompanying”. If you are preparing for an audition then you can also select an additional course “Voice training to standout at any audition”. There are other courses which will train with the best effective way and how to maintain a routine practice – “Best practice method on vocals”.  With anticipation we have another course which will help you to sing high notes without stress and increase your vocal register – “How to increase vocal range and sing naturally”. To know more about these courses and how beneficial it is for you, have a look at it. On the other hand you can also apply for a graded course from the section. It will make us proud if you are able to sing on pitch with full confidence and happily, what you wanted to be. So enjoy!

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